Shabbatons spent together offer special opportunities for bonding between talmidim and their friends and rebbeim, and are considered an integral part of the Heichal experience. Several times over the course of the year, we gather as a yeshiva in Monsey, Passaic, or Bergenfield for an “In-Shabbos.” The  davening, meals, onegs, and sedarim during those weekends create an exciting, joyful and uplifting environment that is carried back to the yeshiva.

Additionally, twice a year, the entire yeshiva travels to a special location for a Shabbos of fun and inspiration. Whether in the mountains or in a giant mansion, the change of scenery and fresh air inspire our talmidim to build a more meaningful connection to Hashem. Highlights of our Shabbatonim include: lively singing and dancing at Kabbalas Shabbos, during our Leil
Shabbos Tisch, the three Shabbos seudos, and throughout our Melaveh Malkah; words of Torah and inspiration from the Rosh Yeshiva, rebbeim, and select talmidim; a gala Motsai Shabbos barbecue; picturesque hikes; and an array of competitive and recreational sports and tournaments.

All of our rebbeim live in the same communities as our talmidim, which allows for deeper connections and exposure to their own families. Rebbeim often invite talmidim over for Shabbos and Yom Tov meals.