Learn how to read star charts and how telescopes work.


This is your chance to show and grow your musical skills while being a part of something bigger.

Chesed Crew

Take part in a wide range of chesed opportunities ranging from assisting Tomchei Shabbos and Yad Leah to visiting elderly individuals.

Chess Team

Compete in the yeshiva league chess tournament.

Computer Coding Concepts

Learn and develop computer programming and coding skills while learning core concepts about computer software.


Hone your skills in the kitchen with the Heichal culinary club.

Drivers’ Ed

By completing the full 30 hour drivers’ ed class, students will have the ability to receive their learners’ permit at...

First Aid/CPR Certification

Be prepared for an emergency, whether at school, camp, babysitting or shul groups.

Hands-On Halacha

Learn hands-on halacha with Rabbi Yitzchak Weinberger, including opening tefillin, checking mezuzos, safrus and more.

Jerusalem Science Contest

The topic of this year’s competition is nanotechnology and associated Torah topics. Interested students are provided with textual materials, as well...

Krav Maga

Learn world-class self-defense techniques from Captain Eilon Even-Esh, who served in Tzahal and the American Armed Forces.

Kumzitz Guitar Hero

Learn to play guitar. No experience necessary, just commitment.

Lifeguard Certification

This 30 hour lifeguarding course will give you the skills to save lives and may also open up some great...

“Our Home” Improvement

Work as a team in a fun atmosphere while learning home improvement.

Programming Electronics

Learn animation programming (processing), circuit and robotics programming (C++/wiring), as well as circuitry theory and practice.

SAT Prep

This is the next best thing to a private tutor. The course will include 16 45-minute sessions.

School Newspaper

Get your start as a journalist by being a part of our very own school newspaper. All facets of production will...

Science Olympiad

This multi-yeshiva competition takes place at Lander College around Purim time. There are about 15 events in all manners of science...

Stock Market Challenge

Learn investing techniques and compete with your peers from across the globe to prove your financial prowess!

Thursday Night Chulent Crew

We’ll keep the recipe a crew secret.

Torah Bowl

Heichal Torah Bowl team members will meet and participate in competitions throughout the year.


Vastly improve your conversational  Hebrew skills with an experienced ulpan instructor.

Web Design Club

Students will learn how to create and share content on the web. They will learn to structure their webpages using HTML...