Spotlight On Dr. Joel Berman

Heichal has a robust STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) department under the auspices of Dr. Joel Berman, who most recently chaired TABC’s science department. A former IDF officer, Dr. Berman received his PhD from Rutgers University in chemical physics and today is Heichal’s Assistant Principal of STEM, teaching numerous advanced courses in mathematics and physics and overseeing the math and science curricula and faculty for all grades in the yeshiva.Under Dr. Berman’s guidance, Heichal now offers SAT 2 reviews for all math, biology, chemistry and physics courses as well as a new engineering elective, “An Introduction to Electrical Engineering—Programming Robotics.” He is responsible for a series of exciting upgrades to Heichal’s state-of-the-art STEM laboratory, including the installation of a 3D printer, tesla coil, vacuum chamber, optics bench and spectrophotometer.

Dr. Berman will also supervise Heichal students who will be entering Touro University’s annual Science Olympiad, the National Math League exams and the Jerusalem Science Contest, an international competition coordinated by the Machon Lev School of Technology in Israel.