Academic Goals


Heichal’s mathematics program is designed to accommodate a range of mathematical abilities and backgrounds. All courses provide opportunities for students to work at a challenging level and cover all of the requirements necessary for success in college math and beyond. Freshmen commence with Geometry, and then, depending on their middle school education and personal mathematical ability, move on to either Algebra I or Algebra II in the sophomore year. Juniors study either Algebra II or Pre-Calculus, and seniors take either AP Calculus or Finite Math.


Effective communication is essential for every aspect of life, and Heichal’s primary focus in the English department is to ensure mastery of language and communication skills for all of our students.
Students develop critical reading and writing skills and are empowered with the ability to communicate effectively. Students are exposed to classical and contemporary literature, as well as articles and works of non-fiction, which they analyze, discuss and write about. Our strongest readers and writers are prepared to take the AP Language & Composition Exam in their junior or senior years.


In an age of daily scientific advancement, we strive to empower our students to achieve the literacy demanded for the meaningful participation in intelligent discussions of science and technology. It is important for our students to understand the implications of technological advancements, and as adults, to make informed choices about scientific matters that will undoubtedly affect their daily lives.
Furthermore, with the ever-increasing level of competition and speedy evolution of technology, we are committed to providing our students with not only the knowledge of today’s textbook information, but the ability and confidence to become the critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.
Heichal freshmen commence their science studies with biology and then move on to chemistry and physics in their sophomore and junior year, respectively. Students are tracked, and those in the Honors sections are prepared to take the SAT subject test. Students who display exceptional aptitude will have the opportunity to enroll in an Advanced Placement course in their senior year. All other students will have the opportunity to take Forensic Science. This popular course explores the application of science in law enforcement and encompasses several scientific and technological disciplines. Introducing various methodologies and applications used in the forensic context. Topics covered include organic and inorganic chemical analyses of physical evidence, principles of serology and DNA analysis, ballistics, arson, fingerprint analysis, drug analysis and document examination.


The Heichal history program is designed to provide students with a strong understanding and appreciation of their place in the world. Throughout our history curriculum, major emphasis is placed on the development of writing and researching skills, as well as achieving the ability to extract both information and concepts from the text. Our project-based, cross-disciplinary approach brings the subject matter to life and impresses upon students the recognition and value of what they are learning and why it is important and relevant to them personally and collectively.
Commencing with Ancient & Classical History in the freshman year, students move on to a two-year sequence in American History (which includes, when appropriate, both the AP Exam and the SAT subject test), and then study Modern European History in their senior year.