Our Mission


Limudei Kodesh is the cornerstone of our yeshiva. We strive to develop our talmidim into true b’nei Torah who view life through the prism of Torah. Our rigorous limudei kodesh curriculum of Gemara, iyun and bekius, as well as Chumash, Halachah, Machshavah, and Chassidus, gives the talmidim the skills to learn on their own. Our goal is to provide an inspirational Yeshiva experience and ensure that our talmidim develop a love for Torah learning that will continue to grow for the rest of their lives.


Heichal’s rigorous General Studies curriculum exceeds the State of New Jersey requirements. Small, tracked classes enable each student to excel in the core, elective and Advanced Placement courses. These courses prepare students for the SAT and ACT exams and their college careers. Accepted into the colleges of their choice, Heichal graduates have been awarded substantial academic scholarships.


The development and growth of each of our students is integral to the Heichal mission. Our rebbeim, faculty, and guidance professionals dedicate individual attention to each talmid in order to guide their academic, spiritual and emotional growth. Our small tight-knit yeshiva environment affords the talmidim the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with their rebbeim, faculty, guidance counselors and administrators.


Heichal offers an array of sports and extracurricular opportunities to fill each day with enjoyable and revitalizing activities. Shabbatons, trips and special programs enable each student to develop life-long relationships with their peers.