From Rabbi Stechler

Welcome to Heichal HaTorah!

As we enter our sixth year, we are grateful to Hashem that the dreams we set out to achieve have come to fruition. Our cherished graduates have distinguished themselves in their communities as fine men of exemplary character. These budding talmidei chachamim are now learning in the most prominent yeshivos in Israel. Their academic achievements have enabled them to be accepted to the finest Jewish colleges, many with well-deserved scholarships. We have this same vision and hope for all 102 of our current talmidim.

At Heichal, we focus on encouraging our young men to grow in their davening and avodas Hashem. Our outstanding rebbeim, all renowned talmidei chachamim, warmly encourage our talmidim to become passionately committed to Torah learning. We are extremely proud of the 22 talmidim who reviewed the entire bekius masechta during their summer vacation. Rabbi Ronnie Malavsky, our Assistant Dean and Principal of General Studies, has worked tirelessly to enhance our first-rate general studies faculty, which is comprised of carefully selected veteran educators. Our small and tracked classes maximize the attention paid to the learning needs of each student. This year we introduced a robust STEM department under the auspices of veteran educator, Dr. Joel Berman, who has brought our science and math offerings to the forefront of cutting-edge education. We were also selected by the acclaimed Tikvah Fund to pilot their new neo-classical literature and history course.

Every Heichal student has unique qualities and strengths. Our yeshiva’s goal is to guide each student to develop his full potential. Mentoring each student and tracking their four-year growth trajectory is the most meaningful part of my day. I sincerely hope that you will allow me the privilege of partnering with you in the chinuch of your son.


Rabbi Aryeh Stechler
Rosh Yeshiva & Dean
Heichal HaTorah